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Faranim's FFXI Journal

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September 12th, 2007

09:16 am - Scott Adams is Comedic Genius
For those who are unaware, Scott Adams is the creator/Author of the Dilbert comics. He has a blog which he posts to on a regular basis, and some of his posts are both thought provoking and hilarious at the same time.


No time for FFXI anymore =x. Class on Tues/Wed, Football games on weekends, Board Gaming on Friday, only leaves Mon/Thurs for going to the gym. And any remaining free time is spent dating / meeting people / having sex, etc :3

FFXI kind of fell to the very bottom of "Things to spend my free time on"

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August 27th, 2007

07:36 pm - Amazing discovery
Cubed Chicken + Ramen Noodle Seasoning packet = delicious

Still haven't logged in to the FFXI. Too busy playing Wii and doing other RL things :3

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August 13th, 2007

08:05 pm - Weekend News!
Went home to see the family for the weekend. My Aunt has a beach house on Long Island and they throw a party every year. I had a pretty good time, but I'm still incredibly self-conscious about my appearance. Most of the people there were tanned and in great shape, and I am... neither tan nor in shape. Regardless, I got to hang out with my family, played some board games, enjoyed the weather, and got to eat lots of great food! (mmm Lobster)

Had my last class meeting tonight, so I'm done with summer classes! I get a whopping 3 weeks off before the fall classes begin. I'm going to take advantage of this break to get serious about going to the gym. All of my free time will be dedicated to eating, sleeping, and exercise. A co-worker of mine is going to help me out, he used to be a personal trainer in college (and did wrestling, etc). I think he wants to go the whole nine yards, with a log book and body measurements and everything, not like I'd complain :) I'm pretty psyched up about it to be honest.

Appearantly the Wii I ordered off of eBay was attempted to be delivered last Tuesday, but I never found the pink "attempted delivery" slip. I'm not really sure what to do about it, other than drive to the nearest post office and see if they can track it down for me. The USPS Website is pretty useless, it just says that they attempted to deliver my package but doesn't say where I can pick it up or any phone # I can call to schedule redelivery.

Hmm, I guess that's about all that's new with me. Maybe I'll log in to FFXI after I eat dinner.

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August 5th, 2007

12:27 am - Maybe I was wrong...
Well, ever since my post a few days ago I've been second guessing myself about what it is that I really want. I think I'm going through a phase in my life that most "normal" people go through in high school. I guess that makes me a bit of a late bloomer, but I want to get this thing figured out. I'm going to be revealing a lot of information about myself, much of which I am somewhat embarassed/ashamed about, however I feel that this would be a good way to get answers to the many questions I have running through my head right now.

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August 1st, 2007

10:16 pm - Interesting article about IQ vs Sex

Kind of a strange coincidence I stumbled upon this article while bored at work today. It seems fairly accurate to me, especially the listing of reasons why somebody of high intelligence usually also has characteristics which reduce their chances of having sex.

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July 31st, 2007

06:21 pm - 2 months of hell = back to FFXI!
Hey everyone!

So, I wrote up a really long LJ entry at work and forgot to e-mail it to myself so here's a shorter improv version. Nobody likes to read all that junk anyway :) Here's a summary of what's been going on in my life over the past 3 months or so.

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Current Mood: hungryhungry

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June 4th, 2007

10:40 pm - Summer Schedule = no more FFXI

I'm so beat after Work + Class + Gym today. Hope I can keep it up. In fitness news after 3 months my weight is down to 170 (from 190) and I definitely look a lot better (no abs yet but they are close!). And that was done entirely through dieting and very non-serious exercise (DDR, pushups, and bodyweight squats, no gym at all). Hopefully the weight training will help a lot.

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Off to bed at 11 PM to wake up at 6:30 *feels old*

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May 26th, 2007

12:52 am - *copies Soloo*
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12:24 am - I'm not dead, but this Journal is!
RL got busy so I rarely have time to login to FFXI. no FFXI = no LiveJournal.

I moved out of my apartment and into a house with another guy my age, cutting my monthly rent in half (plus the house is way better than my apartment). Ever since I moved in we've been going out and getting drunk on a fairly regular basis (2 nights a week?). Combined with work and my other social activities, it doesn't leave many nights for FFXI. And even then I'd rather loaf around and watch TV or catch up on sleep after being out drinking to 2 AM the night before.

I also got a free pass to the Gym for a week. I went on Monday and Thursday and it feels good, so I'm considering paying for a full membership even though it's stupidly expensive ($40 a month for 2 years or something...)

Work has gotten REALLY slow because I'm done with my coding but the hardware people are way late on installing the stuff my code needs to run on. No hardware for me = no way to test my code = nothing to do. I literally left work today at 1 PM, came home, and took a 4 hour nap.

Anyway, tonight we did sea and I noticed a new message I've never seen before. Soloo was kiting so he ran out of range by the time the TP move would have gone off. At least I'm pretty sure this message is new...

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Current Music: No Control - Initial D 4th Stage

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April 13th, 2007

08:00 am - Music in my head
Every so often I find a song that I really like and listen to it over and over and over again. Right now it's this song by Evanescence. Something about the harmonies...
Current Mood: groggygroggy
Current Music: Evanescence - My Last Breath

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